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More Hedge Fund ETFs to JOIN QAI

According to IndexUniverse, IndexIQ has filed to release an additional 15 ETFs that will follow the recently launched Multi Strategy Hedge Fund ETF (QAI) which doesn’t invest in hedge funds and is not a hedge fund but seeks to replicate the hedge fund multi-strategy index using a variety of strategies from emerging markets to fixed income arbitrage, to long/short, etc.  Essentially what you get is a return close to the overall market so not an ETF I’m all that interested in.  I might be interested in a few of the next 15 from IndexIQ, some of which will hone in on specific strategies.

My favorites are:

– IQ CPI Inflation Tracker ETF
– IQ Hedge Distressed Tracker ETF
– IQ ARB Merger Arbitrage ETF
– IQ ARB Global Real Estate ETF
– IQ ARB Global Infrastructure ETF

I’ll have more on these after they launch.  Most important will be liquidity.. if the liquidity isn’t there which is likely, I won’t touch them.