3x ETF Short Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve published a revised list of the most liquid 3x leveraged etf shorts.  These are inverse ETFs that allow you to short a particular segment of the market without having to borrow shares from a broker.  Both Direxion and ProShares now offer these highly leveraged ETFs with ProShares launching their S&P500 short ETF a few days ago.

Here’s the list in order of most liquid:

Financial Bear (FAZ) 268 million shares
Large Cap Bear (BGZ) 10 million shares
Small Cap Bear (TZA) 10 million shares
Energy Bear (ERY) 2 million shares
Emerging Markets Bear (EDZ) 564K shares
Technology Bear (TYP) 312K shares
UltraPro Short S&P500 3x Short (SPXU) 96K shares
30 Yr Treasury Bear (TMV) 66K shares
Mid Cap Bear (MWN) 38K shares
Developed Markets Bear (DPK) 20K shares
10 Yr Treasury Bear (TYO) 6K shares

One thought on “3x ETF Short Update”

  1. hi—regarding TZA—ordinary dividend payouts are common in typical long etf’s…but what are the implications of the dividend with respect to short (bear) etf’s like TZA?

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