Top ETF Site Vanishes

Every once in awhile I like to check in with to get ETF holding percentages, NAV, descriptions and other information.  Take a look at any ETF Resources page and you’ll likely see the site listed as the best of the best.  Surprisingly, it’s vanished and been replaced by CEFConnect which focuses exclusively on closed end funds.  It isn’t surprising that Nuveen, which owned ETFConnect, and provides CEF funds, has set up a site exclusively focused on CEF’s, but the fact they have killed a very popular, authority site for ETF investing site is stupidity at its finest.  The conflict of interest is understandable as a CEF provider, but it could have been sold for a substantial sum to another company.  Perhaps that is in the works behind the scenes, but for now I’ll have to try and scour the web for similar info.  Most of the info will be easy to find elsewhere, but what I really liked about ETFConnect was the chart showing how the ETF/CEF traded compared to its NAV.  If anyone has found another site that offers something similar, I’d love to know!

3 thoughts on “Top ETF Site Vanishes”

  1. As recently as this past week my Morgan
    Stanley stock broker was advising to check
    some of my ETF’s on Web Site “ETF Connect”, so even
    stock brokers are unaware of this stupid Noveen
    instigated change to mutual funds only. This was used by my broker frequently to get ETF info.
    Perhaps if all brokers joined in protest, and also avoided Nuveen purchases, ETF might be restored.
    I certainly hope so.

  2. ditto Howard Zehner’s comment. Today my broker told me to go to ETF’s site. No dice. Pls advise of others, if any.

  3. ETF Connect was the site that I used almost exclusively to gather ETF information. I would like to know of any other site that can come close to replacing them.

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