Wind ETF’s On Horizon: First Trust & Powershares Global Wind ETFs

There are a few ways to play solar, nuclear, natural gas and even coal with a diversified strategy through the use of ETFs.  Soon, you’ll have your choice of two Wind Power ETF’s provided by First Trust and Powershares.  No word yet on when they will be available but most certainly before the end of the year.  Both ETF’s offer global plays on wind energy which will dramatically open up the options for investors to get in on wind.  Currently, there just aren’t many ways to invest in wind on US exchanges so it will be a welcome addition.

Both ETF’s are expected to have a portion of the ETF in the big global players such as Vestas Wind Systems (Denmark), Clipper Steam Turbine (China), Gas Turbine Efficiency (Sweden), Gamesa Technologica (Spain), Windflow Technology (New Zealand) and Wind Energy America of Eden (US)

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